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Partnerships with Parents

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The creation of effective links between parents and nursery staff is obviously very important.  This process of offering information (this website is designed for this purpose) and gathering information begins before a child enters our Nursery.  From a parent’s first visit to the Nursery, through to the information requested in the registration form and from the arrangements agreed in the “settling in period” we try to establish a clear picture of each child’s individual needs.

At Strawberry How Nursery we aim to provide a gentle introduction to the Nursery by initially asking parents and guardians to bring their child for 2 two hour taster sessions.  Your child will generally get cuddled for most of this time as we help your child to familiarise themselves with our staff, other children and their surroundings before commencing an actual session. This settling in period is of the utmost importance to us and we know how much a happy start can have an impact on both you and your child. One month after starting nursery we arrange a catch up meeting to check that everything is going to plan.

We run a variety of strands that help to keep you informed. Apart from daily contact with staff we deliver lots of information through this website - the room handbooks - all our policies - our monthly newsletter records and describes the calendar - our weekly lunch menu - our six weekly seasonal snack menu - our six weekly thematic planning, together with our daily posts on our closed facebook pages and our online reporting within your child's personal portfolio on Tapestry.

Throughout the year we will construct a programme of events within the Nursery that will run alongside the curriculum programmes designed for your child.  These events offer an important context - particularly for older children where they can enjoy a common experience or reference point for future activity.  With this in mind we organise out-of-Nursery visits in the summer months.  





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