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Government Funding

You must start your claim two months before your child accesses the funding.  Use the government website 
  • You, and any partner, must each expect to earn (on average) at least £125 per week (equal to 16 hours at the National Minimum or Living Wage). 
  • If you, or your partner, are on maternity, paternity or adoption leave, or you're unable to work because you are disabled or have caring responsibilities, you could still be eligible.
  • You can't get 30 hours free childcare if either you, or your partner, each individually expect to earn £100,000 or more.

Often our parents have found the process cumbersome and frustrating. Eventually you should be given an 11 digit number.  You pass this number to us together with your National Insurance number and a confirmation of your childs dob.



With the funding in place in order to jump through Government hoops we have to have two versions of our Parental Agreement. We have to offer a totally free place and this we do with Parental Agreement A. In fact with this agreement we offer two free such places and these are prioritised towards single mothers. In the event of these spaces being taken those parents who still seek this option are advised to look towards School Nurseries.

Our Parental Agreement B includes an Additional Services charge.  This charge amounts to half the loss created by the governments underfunding.

This year the actual loss is this ........£6.40 nursery fee rate - £4.31 government funding or a £2.09/hour loss. Our compromise is therefore to charge roughly half the loss ie £1.00 on the funded hours or £1.00 x 95hrs/month = £95.00  This means we will give you £608.00 and you give us £95.00 back to pay for consumables and additional services.


Parent Agreement B (with additional services charged during Funded Hours) this is an agreement/contract where a parent agrees to pay for additional services and/or consumables that are not included in EYFS funding.  This agreement allows you to-  

• Select the sessions and days that suit your requirements (subject to availability). 

• Have the flexibility to book extra sessions

• Have a permanent set of booked sessions until your child leaves our provision. 

• Stretch your child’s funded hours up to 50 weeks a year.

• Use the funded hours before 9am, after 3pm and during lunch time.

It is important to note that all trips (none of which are compulsory) and Nursery Food are not part of the government funding so Nursery breakfast 30p, Morning Snack 40p, Afternoon Snack 40p and Tea 80p and Lorton Lunch £3.00 are charged separately. 


The standard undiscounted hourly rate in our Nursery is £6.40. The funded rate from the government is £4.31. The funding difference or potential loss is £2.09/hr. This government funded rate does not pay for any investment in new facilities or equipment. It does not include consumables and the governments guidance says these can be charged --

All craft supplies including paint, glue, paper and embellishments, messy play resources, wipes, disposable gloves, paper tissues, 1000s rolls of toilet paper, hand cleaner, antibacterial gel, sun cream, playground shading, animal food and housing, sunhats, winter hats, wellies, all-in-one Rain Suits, high viz jackets, spare underwear, spare socks, spare leggings, booster seats, fairy liquid, bleach, Milton Fluid, washing powder, carpet cleaner, nappy bags, first aid supplies, fire inspections, fire equipment maintenance, electrical testing, calpol, aprons, green paper towels, catering supplies, bowls, plates, cutlery, soaps, tooth brushes, tooth paste, spare nappies, spare pull-ups, floor cleaner, bin bags, hoover bags, mops and sponge mop heads, touch screen computers, online reporting via Samsung Galaxy tablets. 

The Early Years funding has been calculated on the assumption that all settings are working to their maximum ratios permitted and to the minimum numbers of qualified staff permitted. This statutory minimum is one member of staff qualified as a Level 3 practitioner with the remaining staff being qualified at Level 2 or unqualified.  Here at Strawberry How Nursery part of our "additional services" charge includes our "Quality Premium". This "Quality Premium" reflects on the fact that unlike most nurseries all our Key Worker staff are qualified to either Level 3 or they have an Early Years Teaching Degree. Our "Quality Premium" also contributes toward the cost of attracting good staff by paying well above the minimum wage, their annual leave, workplace pension contributions, statutory sick pay, their DBS certification and the annual training costs for their certificates in Paediatric First Aid, Food Hygiene, Safeguarding and other relevant training development courses in Early Years. None of these items are funded by the Early Years Funding yet they are a statutory requirement. 








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