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Characteristics of Learning

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To enable a child to become an effective learner the Early Years Foundation Stage identifies three inter-changeable characteristics which help children to learn. Being aware of these characteristics enables the adult to support and extend a child's learning whilst the child is involved in an activity or at play in the Nursery. The three characteristics are as follows: 

Playing and Exploring (engagement) This involves finding out and exploring, playing with what they know and being willing to 'have a go'.

Active Learning (motivation) This is being involved and concentrating, to keep trying and enjoying achieving what they set out to do.

Creating and Thinking Critically This involves having their own ideas, making links and choosing ways to do things.    

However, we all know that children develop at their own rates, and in their own way. The development statements from the EYFS and their order are not taken as necessary steps for individual children. They are not used as a checklist but rather have age bands which overlap to allow each child to process at their own pace and through their own path. This is why we call the children's progress file their 'learning journey'.






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